Employee Headshots


Employee Headshots

My Role

Art Director / Hypeman

The Challenge

This project is close to my heart. Have you ever seen a traditional corporate headshot? It's rough. Not because of the people, but because of the environment, their level of comfort, and the lack of self expression. I sought out to end that by incorporating a personal item for a "goofy shot", encouraged (more) casual wear, and had a set up with a modern bright white background. I was there to coach them, help with poses, and ultimately hype up their awesome prop! What started out as a day for employees to get their headshot done, ended up being a team bonding event.


Friendly, approachable photos that still portray the subject as an expert in their field. The goofy photos are just for fun but it helped everyone open up, learn more about each other, and come closer as a team.