Deal Desk


The Deal Desk is a non-sales lending help resource for loan officers, real estate agents, and fellow employees.

My Role

UX and Visual Design

The Challenge

It was important to reset the foundation of The Deal Desk. The original design did not cater to a specific audience, have proper hierarchy, or even properly explain what the purpose of what The Deal Desk is. During the redesign process, I started back from the very beginning, consulting with our lending team to understand the objective of the page and how to properly set up the information architecture.


A redesigned site that acts as a help recourse: part landing page, part FAQ. The user knows why they are there and how they can get the help and/or documents they need.

The original landing page had no clear purpose, proper call-to-actions, or hierarchy. The page is overwhelming and you're not sure where to go to first.

Initial notes detailing the site's audience, page elemenets, and understanding which elements are directed towards one of the three audiences

A V1 mock up that lays out the direction of the site. A hero section that lays out the purpose and contact information, the two main sections below that cater to all three audiences, and the final three modules for specific LO/RE agent/employee information.