Sophia Pozzi


Visual designer


I've heard a lot of creatives my age say that they first fell into design/development with MySpace, buuut I'm going to take it step further and say designing my Neopets store was when I first fell in love with design. But oh ya, I was all about those MySpace themes as well.


Currenly located in Orange County, CA


I believe that good design is one of the many things born from curiosity, empathy, and enthusiasm. I am passionate about creating and delivering delightful user experiences through branding and design that bring people and technology together. I'm an eternal optimist that believes that even the smallest interaction has the power to make someone's day.

Hey! I’m Sophia. I’m a designer and creative lead at a homeownership start-up called Vylla where I’m busy making homeownership simple (and rad!). As a former theater kid, these jazz hands are now pushing pixels, copywriting, content creating, and developing *cough, this site, cough*.

When I'm not working I enjoy searching for new jams (big hip hop fan over here), being on my yoga mat, and trying my hand at photography where I am endlessly inspired by nature, color, and architecture.

I enjoy

  1. Pushing the creative boundaries in my current industry. What do aliens and puppies have to do with lending and mortgage? Stay tuned to find out!
  2. Bringing my full self to work - who knows I might just bust out in a celebratory dance break.
  3. Constantly learning. I'm currently diving into JavaScript and C4D.
  4. Sweet potato fries. Yup. Still not over the hype.